The Haryana Board cannot take the 8th exams of the CBSE Board

Haryana Board of School Education will not be able to take 8th exams from CBSE Board Schools. Some time ago, the Haryana government decided that Class VIII students on the CBSE board must appear for examination before the Haryana Board of School Education.

All private schools were outraged by the government’s decision. But now the Punjab-Haryana High Court has ruled that the Haryana Board of School Education cannot conduct the Class VIII exams of CBSE schools.

Punjab-Haryana High Court ruled in favor of the CBSE board

The Punjab-Haryana High Court had requested a board response to a petition from the Haryana Progressive School Conference contesting the Haryana School Education Board’s decision that students from the ICSE and CBSE schools in Haryana should also be allowed to Class VIII Examination Board. Why? The Haryana board was given until January 10th to submit its response on the matter.

The petitioner organization said that their schools have nothing to do with the Haryana School Education Board and the Haryana Board, even if the curriculum is completely different. With all these things in mind, the Punjab-Haryana High Court has ruled that the Haryana School Education Board and Haryana Board cannot conduct the 8th exams of CBSE Board Schools.


The decision was made some time ago

Jagbir Singh, Chairman of the Haryana Board of School Education, citing HBSE, said that on the Haryana Board from grades 0 to 12, all classes belong to the same board, so that they can take board exams of any class at any time. At the same time Jagbir Singh had said that in order to be admitted to the 9th grade of a CBSE accredited school in Haryana, he would have had to pass grade VIII of the Haryana board recognized by the CBSE board of directors. You cannot be admitted to the 9th grade of the receiving school.

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There has been resentment in private schools at the Haryana government’s decision

From the start there was resentment in private schools about the decision of the Haryana government. Shortly after the verdict was announced, he turned to the court. Private schools said this decision violates the Haryana Education Rules-2003 and CBSE Rules.

It has been said that Article-33, Subsection-03 of the Haryana Education Rules-2003 clearly states that no school in the land of Haryana can be run by two bodies. At the same time, private schools have said that if the CBSE board is that bad, Haryana should get rid of it entirely.

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