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New Delhi. UPSC exam: A few days ago the main public service exam was organized. Here is an opportunity for which the Union Civil Service Commission should be congratulated. The essay work took place on the first day. Congratulations are pronounced for the kind of paper that came. This greeting is special for two things. The first is that there was a little glimpse of it in the topics of the previous year’s essays. But this year, that look took on a definite form. This fact is related to understanding the difference between essay and general knowledge.

The topics of the eight essays in this thesis are divided into two sections. The topics of Section ‘A’ were appropriate for the essay, but not Section ‘B’. Its subjects were related to the country’s economy, science and international relations, etc., so that one felt a sense of general study after reading it. Because writing essays on these subjects required expertise, the possibility of escape from the imagination and the beauty of language in them was reduced.

The second thing is that the total of eight topics given for writing essays, of which two essays should be written, one from section ‘A’ and one from section ‘B’, their topics are very novel and brilliant. These subjects are ones that cannot be prepared in advance. Candidates must think and write for themselves in the exam room. They were given the full opportunity to demonstrate linguistic excellence.

While the first part seems to be life-philosophical, the second part deals with such mixed topics, which in their discussion come close to philosophy. To illustrate this fact, it would be better to give an example essay here. See the subject of this one essay in section “B” – “What is research, meeting a stranger with knowledge”.

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Another essay that deals with history, but not with history. Let’s meet this even by walking hands. You’ll Enjoy This essay says, “History repeats itself, first time in tragedy, second time in farce.” Did I say something wrong? In fact, similar themes can test participants’ originality, the process and level of their thinking, the breadth of their field of study, and the effectiveness of their articulation. Such essays give the spirit of youth the twin wings of thought and imagination by which they can fly so high. Therefore, the Commission must be thanked for this well-considered change.

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