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Choosing the best IB ACIO Books plays an important role in exam preparation. The IB Intelligence Bureau Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) exam is a graduation-level entrance exam conducted to shortlist the most suitable candidates. A pedestal for Paramount: Neetu Singh, A new approach to Reasoning Verbal & Non-verbal by Arihant Publications etc. are some of the books that candidates must bring with them when preparing for the IB ACIO exam. The books recommended by experts help candidates identify the most important exam topics and prepare for them holistically. Candidates also need to do more IB ACIO practice documents to get a detailed understanding of the exam pattern and the nature of the questions asked.

Best IB ACIO books

The best books for the IB ACIO 2022 exam

Knowledge of detailed and updated exam templates and curricula is a prerequisite for any entrance exam. Books also play a crucial role in preparing for IB ACIO. Some of the best books to help you prepare for the IB ACIO exam include:

level Book name author
step 1 IB-ACIO: Grade-II / Executive (Tier-I) Recruitment Exam Guide: Grade-II / Executive (Tier-I) exam guide R. Guptas
Level 1 and Level 2 Intelligence Bureau ACIO Grade II / Executive Exam Tier-I & Tier-II PWB – 1991 Pratiyogita Kiran
Rank 2 IB ACIO: GradeII / Executive (TierII) Descriptive Exam & Interview Guide R. Guptas
step 1 Kiran IB Intelligence Bureau ACIO Grade II Tier 1 Practice Workbook (English Medium) Pratiyogita Kiran
step 1 Kiran’s Intelligence Burro (IB) Security Assistant / Executive Tier-I Exam Practice Work Book Hindi Pratiyogita Kiran and KICX
General IB Intelligence Bureau Security Assistant and Executive (Group C) Exam Books VV K SUBBURAJ
General Deputy Central Intelligence Officer of the Secret Service Bureau GK publication

Technical books

IB ACIO Exam Preparation Books: Textbooks

In addition to understanding general books for the IB ACIO exam, the candidates must be familiar with the specialist books on the important topics. The themed books that will help you understand certain concepts with ease are listed below:

Books for the IB ACIO Exam: General Awareness

This section is important for getting a good overall score on the IB ACIO exam. Some of the questions that will help you prepare for the exam are:

section Book name author
General awareness and studies General awareness Manohar Panday (Arihant)
General awareness and studies India yearbook Publications Department, Government of India
General awareness and studies Pratiyogita Darpan
General awareness and studies Manorama Yearbook 2020
General awareness and studies General knowledge of Lucent

Books for the IB ACIO Exam: Quantitative Eligibility

Some of the sections included in the IB ACIO Quant section include the Arithmetic Section and Measurement (2D Figures), and the books that explain the concepts asked in the IB ACIO exam include:

section Name of the books author
Quantitative suitability Quantitative suitability RS Aggarwal
Quantitative suitability Data interpretation Arun Sharma
Quantitative suitability Objective math for competitive exams Tarun Goyal
Quantitative suitability The Pearson’s Guide to Quantitative Fitness Dinesh Khattar
Quantitative suitability Quantitative suitability for selection tests RS Aggarwal and Abhijit Guha

IB ACIO Exam Books: Justification Section

The most frequently recommended books for this section are listed below:

Subsection Book name author
Logical / analytical skills A new way of thinking BS Sijwali and Indu Sijwali (Arihant)
Logical / analytical skills Reasoning test Edgar Thorpe (Pearson)
Logical / analytical skills Analytical thinking MK Pandey
Logical / analytical skills A modern approach to verbal and non-verbal thinking RS Aggarwal (S.Chand)
Logical / analytical skills Quantitative suitability for selection tests NK Singh
Logical / analytical skills The practical guide to analytical and logical thinking Peeyush Bhardwaj

Best books for the English section of the IB ACIO exam

For all topics in demand IB ACIO curriculum In the settings area, the most frequently recommended books are listed below in a table:

Subsection Book name author
English language Goal General English SP Bakshi (publications by Arihant)
English language Word power made easy Norman Lewis
English language A mirror of common mistakes AK Singh
English language High school and composition revised edition Wren and Martin
English language English – from the pedestal to the outstanding Vol-1,2 Neetu Singh |

Preparation tips

Tips to prepare for the IB ACIO 2022 exam

You realize your dream by practicing more. Some of the useful prep tips to help candidates get a good score on the exam include:

  • Make additional IB ACIO Practice Papers for a thorough analysis of your performance, both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Focusing on time management skills also helps candidates complete their exam within the allotted time.
  • IB ACIO practice materials, test tests and references to the most recommended books all help a lot to pass the exam.
  • Candidates need to set their daily goals and make sure they have achieved the same. In this way, candidates are motivated and can continue their exam preparations.
  • This practice of reading the newspaper regularly is a must when preparing for any competitive exam. Reading newspapers also helps improve a person’s English language and vocabulary.

IB ACIO is one of the most popular final exams held under the supervision of the Home Office (MHA). Shortlisted IB ACIO candidates receive high salary items along with several other allowances provided by the Government of India. So candidates need to start their exam preparation along with referencing the books above, doing more last year’s work and test tests to improve their accuracy and get good IB ACIO results.

Frequently asked questions about exam books

IB ACIO Books: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What are the best books for the IB ACIO Quantitative Aptitude section?

Answer Candidates can refer to books such as Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal, Magical Books On Quicker Maths by M.Tyra, etc. to improve their preparation skills.

Ques. What else can I refer to when preparing for IB ACIO?

Answer Candidates can refer to last year’s IB ACIO papers, test tests, sample papers, and more to understand the type of questions asked in the exam. It also helps to improve your time management.

Ques. When can I expect a notification from IB ACIO 2022?

Answer The IB ACIO 2022 notification is expected to be released shortly by the MHA along with the exam dates and IB ACIO curriculum.

Ques. Can you name some books for the IB ACIO English section?

Answer Some of the books to help candidates improve their performance on the English section of the IB ACI exam include Word Power Made Easy (for vocabulary), A plinth to Paramount: Neetu Singh, Objective General English: SP Bakshi (Arihant Publications ) etc.

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