This is how you achieve a good rank at the SOF IMO Olympiad

  • SOF International Mathematical Olympiad: A selection test

The IMO is a renowned mathematical Olympiad of the Science Olympiad Foundation, SOF for short. The test is carried out in two main phases. The first level consists of logical thinking and math questions. The second level is pure math (although the second level is not done for students in grades 1 and 2). Only the top 5 percent of students qualify for participation in the second level. Here are some simple tips to help you crack the first level of IMO in order to qualify for level 2.

  • Understanding the curriculum is paramount

The first level exam consists of 70% of the previous class s curriculum. Read the curriculum to find resources for studying the various subjects covered by the IMO. You should definitely practice questions from the IMO in last year’s dissertation.

  • IMO Olympiad sample paper solution for better preparation

SOF IMO questionnaires for the past year are used to take your preparation to a higher level. Identify study materials and resources: Try to prepare the study materials in advance so that you do not waste precious time devoted to preparation.

These previous year questionnaires provide comprehensive and highly focused learning materials for IMO Level 1 and other Math Olympiads for all appropriate grade levels. These questions are carefully curated by experts who have carefully studied a sample of the expected nature and difficulty of the questions. The solutions to these IMO sample papers help with the preparation so that the students do not get stuck and thus not become demotivated if they come across a rather difficult question that they cannot solve.

  • Understand the questions and their level of difficulty

Questions at the IMO level are based on conceptual applications. Remember, unlike other Olympics, the SOF Olympics are pretty tough. The questions asked are not based on simple knowledge of the concept, but require an understanding of the logical application of the concept. That is the difference between the SOF Olympiad and other Olympiads. In addition to understanding the concept, you need to learn to use it. The questions in the performance section are based on a high degree of application of the concept. Many examples for the Mathematics Olympiad are based on exact samples from the previous year’s IMO questionnaire for level 1.

  • Understand the concepts well

Understand concepts and patterns, using unique methods and quality concepts to improve learning assessment. You need to practice different types of questions. Application related questions and detailed explanations will help you understand the concept, strengthen the concept in your head, understand the advanced application of the concept … and all of these are improvement plans, adaptive testing. , And concept application related issues. If everyone else is working hard, with intelligent study, you can learn wisely by studying with devotion and solving many sample questions.

Remember, the questions asked at the first level are from the curriculum, not the high school topic. However, the questions asked can be very difficult. The question is not based directly on the concept, but requires a high degree of application of the concept. Many websites mislead students by asking questions on topics aimed at secondary education. Remember, you need to master the concept and its advanced applications, and strictly adhere to the curriculum. Otherwise, you are wasting important time.

  • Start preparing at the right time

Most students who wish to reach IMO Level 2 start preparing for the exam early.

Students need to start learning early to create concepts, improve them, and understand the application. This is a must for students aiming for a top international position. Teams of experts create packages with an understanding of the latest samples of the IMO questionnaire and the previous year’s IMO forms. No wonder that the majority of the students who practiced this sample thesis could easily crack the first level of IMO. The IMO Olympiad sample paper makes it easy to decipher the Mathematics Olympiad.

  • Do real-time tests regularly

Mathematics is a practice-oriented preparation that allows you to experience time and difficulty. The actual IMO questionnaire is very tedious and takes a lot of practice to fill out the form in a certain amount of time. Solving math problems online is not of much use to anyone. Working with paper copies should be practiced. Download paper sample paper and thematic tests with OMR Answer Sheets from SOF’s official website, set the alarm and skip to the test.

Try these simulated tests from websites that offer downloadable tests. Math should always be practiced in hard copy, not soft copy. If you have trouble printing the test, you can take the test online.

  • Planning and running a proper schedule with discipline

Prepare a strict and careful schedule. Please follow them strictly and with the greatest commitment. Practice all kinds of questions from all chapters and sections. Address your weaknesses to get good grades and a good place in the actual exam. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, start preparing ahead of time because it always gets messy when students start preparing at the last minute.

  • Ongoing initiatives must be consistently followed up until the exam day

Success at SOF IMO is not the result of a day or two of study. It takes a lot of effort and patience. Don’t give up even if you don’t see success in the first place. Keep pushing yourself. The results will be displayed automatically.

  • Practice math questions regularly

Math should be practiced daily. Only when you practice hard and cover every aspect of the subject will you understand the concepts of the subject. It gives you confidence and the ability to solve any problem. Students will have to solve as many International Mathematical Olympiad questions covering all IMO Level 1 topics in order to increase efficiency and understanding of the concept.

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