Tips for completing 8 math Olympiads

The maths Olympiad is difficult to crack, but also a rewarding test. You can polish up your expertise and become almost a master at it.

The Olympic exam for the 8th grade is open to all 8th grade students.

The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) conducts exams to improve student skills. Also, this exam will help them in the future when they show up for other competitive exams.

It takes a lot of hard work to qualify for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) as it takes a student a lot of time and energy to understand and solve the problems of the Olympics.

Most of the time, students are confused about how to prepare for the IMO exam and which books to refer to when preparing.

So once you’ve decided to show up for the Math Olympics to test your aptitude and problem-solving skills, it’s time to speed up your preparations too.

You can practice on bogus papers or get help from IMO sample papers for grade 8 which is readily available online. Because remember that without the right preparation you will not be able to crack the Math Olympics.

8th grade math Olympiad curriculum

The 8th grade math Olympics curriculum is similar to that of 8th grade math. However, the question will be a little more complex than at school level.

  • Rational number
  • Exponents and powers
  • Square and square roots
  • Cube and cube roots
  • Factorization
  • Compare quantities
  • Direct and indirect part
  • Operation on algebraic expressions
  • Understand four-sided and practical geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data processing
  • Logical thinking

In order to achieve the desired exam results, you need to use the correct approach, attitude and problem-solving method. If you’re attending the IOM Grade 8 Math Olympics, here are 8 essential tips to help you prepare for your exam.

Familiarize yourself with the curriculum

It is important to understand and be familiar with the Math Olympics exam curriculum. Without understanding the correct curriculum, you cannot get good grades.

Go through the IMO curriculum thoroughly and cover each and every topic of it. A thorough understanding of the curriculum is necessary to cover each topic during exam preparation.

It also makes it easier to navigate through each topic, resulting in a timely completion of preparation.

Choose the right materials

To easily crack the Math Olympics, you need to prepare yourself with the right material. because if you don’t study properly you will get confused and caught up in answering questions.

After carefully studying the curriculum, look up all the books and resources you will need to prepare. It is recommended that you only get the correct books that cover all of the subjects in the IMO curriculum while preparing for the 8th grade Math Olympiad.

Get last year’s questionnaires, workbook exercises, and test sets to prepare for the IMO. Grade 8 math prep books are perfect for preparation as they will help you practice in a real exam-like setting.

Make a proper schedule

Prepare a schedule for your IMO preparation. Make a suitable schedule and dedicate time to each topic in the curriculum. You need to stick to the schedule until you have completed your final preparations.

Have a right focus

You’ve probably heard a lot about it by now, but learning smart is the new mantra that is just as important as hard work. Plan your study time efficiently so that you have plenty of time to practice, evaluate and rework. Also, take a look at the samples in last year’s sample papers for an overview of what to do in the future.

Clear basic mathematical concept

As you know, all Olympiad questions are concept-based and objective, so emphasize the math foundations of both current and previous grade levels. Learn to deepen your mathematical concepts with a smart approach from the Learning Mathematics book series for grades 1-8. This series of books features interactive exercises, DIY questions, and HOTS on new and innovative teaching methods that enable learning. intelligent and efficient.

Keep your mind fresh

Avoid learning how to do it right late at night. Getting enough sleep is necessary as it helps your brain store new information and strengthen your memory. Sleeping also helps reduce stress. It is advisable to relax and get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. Think of it as another test and just relax.

As soon as the test day approaches, fear and stress can flare up. Therefore, you need to stay relaxed and calm in order to be able to successfully implement all of your preparations on the exam day. Of course, stress can make you below average compared to your actual abilities.

Follow the exam pattern

If you’ve already taken the Math Olympics exam, you should know what to expect from the exam. Most tests come with a pre-study guide that explains how the exam works. The questions are usually in an essay or multiple choice format. The exam usually lasts two hours.

As you prepare for the Math Olympics, you need to practice your problem-solving skills. There are many problems students face while taking the Olympic exam. Therefore, if you want to take the test, it is a good idea to practice the math problems that are difficult for you. And make sure you can resolve any issues before taking them for exam.


Before you start preparing for your Math Olympics, first learn how it differs from other exams.

If math problems are difficult for you, the Math Olympiad can help you expand your knowledge of the subject and improve your math problem-solving skills.

Therefore, in preparation for the International Mathematical Olympiad Grade 8, make sure you are clear about all of the concepts in the curriculum. Use the IMO question papers from the previous year of the Indian Talent Olympics and workbooks, which offer extensive knowledge on various topics.

How successful you will be in your IMO exam depends on your attitude and your smart preparation.

The International Mathematical Olympiad for Grade 8 takes place in PAN India, so the competition is also very high. Hence, it takes rigorous practice to get first place.

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