Tips for preparing for the board exam 2022. The best tips for preparing for the college exams

Do you keep an eye on the focus of the exam right from the start?

In the examination before a committee, keep in the back of your mind from the beginning, do not burden the mind together, do a routine and work accordingly from the beginning, so in the end you have enough time to repeat yourself and additional preparation time. Can give

Are you only starting to study according to a timetable?

At the beginning of your studies, make a timetable for yourself and study accordingly, at the beginning all you have to do is specify the time to study, and you should get into the habit of studying focused subjects, keep increasing the time. To begin with, repeat the curriculum taught in school every day at home, this will at the same time help you understand how much you understood the subject taught, and you can ask any other friend or teacher to clear your doubts in time, because in the last one Moment it increases fear and decreases confidence.

Do you revise all topics?

Return to the topics you read once in a few days or else you will forget about them and all of your hard work will be in vain.

How do you write questions?

You know the answers to all questions and solve them very well, but still get fewer grades, the only reason for this is your spelling.

1. Write clearly.
2. Keep handwriting well.
3. Have bullet points.
4. There must be a diagram.
5. Have a table.

Your grades are never deducted for writing like this.

Exam preparation on the board?

Read the entire syllabus carefully before the examination before a committee and then prepare the difficult text so that you can solve it in good time in the event of inconvenience.

1. We don’t sleep well on exam days. And if you sit to study you feel lethargic, to avoid it, sleep 6 to 7 hours a day. And, even on the night of the exam, get at least 4 to 5 hours of sleep.

2. Eat right, but don’t eat very heavy fried foods, it will make you sluggish, and you will not feel like eating light foods and taking some light homemade snacks and eating them while you eat. This will keep your mind occupied.

3. Eating curd sugar on the day of the board examination does not make you sleepy and stays fresh, so it is common to feed curd sugar before the examination. In addition, basil leaves do not cause sleep and at the same time your oxygen levels are also fine.

What do I have to consider on the day of the examination before a committee?

1. Before leaving home, make sure you have all the documents and keep your ID in the back of your mind.

2. Check your box at home, take care of all the pens, pencils, rubbers, scales, etc.
3. Reach the exam center 30 minutes in advance.
4. Have ironed clothes, shoes, and slippers ready.
5. Sit on your roll number in the exam room 10 minutes ago.
6. Read the question paper carefully as soon as you receive it.
7. How many points the question was asked, write the answer for the same number of points.

If you keep this in mind during your exams, your grades will get better, prepare yourself for the exam before a committee from the beginning, if you get into a routine from the beginning of the year, then you won’t feel the stress later. .

What do you do after the examination before a committee?

1. Start preparing for the next paper without worrying about the previous paper.
2. Avoid excessive contact with friends after you have completed the exam paper.

All of these tips are like a ram dart for any type of exam or board, if you learn accordingly, your result will always be good. It is not always necessary to get good results in the last few days of study. Therefore, teach your children a habit of sticking to a routine from the start.

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