Tips for the CDS exam for last-minute preparation

The CDS exam is carried out twice a year by the UPSC. The test is intended for those who wish to join the Army, Air Force, and Navy. The exam pattern is tough but well prepared, and a few simple tips and tricks can help you pass the CDS exam.

Last Minute CDS Exam Preparation Tips and Exam Day Guidelines:

The CDS exam is divided into three parts: math, general knowledge and English. Each paper is set for 100 marks with a time of 2 hours. The written section for AFA, IMA, and INA exams covers all three sections, while the candidate only needs to take two sections for admission to the OTA course.

  1. Know the importance of the CDS exam patterns and curriculum

The first and most important step in preparing for the CDS exam is to carefully study the curriculum and templates. In this way, the candidates get an impression of the assessment scheme and the question types of the exam.

  • Any change to the curriculum or the addition of a subject will help you change the method of study. Therefore it is very important to know the subjects of the curriculum; that saves your time.
  • CDS exam sample give an indication of the various stages of the selection process. Written tests are usually followed by physical or medical tests. In this way you can prepare well for all stages.
  • Some exams include additional personality or intelligence tests for applicants. With a brief idea of ​​the exam pattern, you can prepare for all exams together.
  1. Take a look at the question paper from last year

Once you are familiar with the exam syllabus and sample, begin solving the CDS question paper for the previous year. A comprehensive revision of 10-year papers informs you about the importance and evaluation criteria of the topics contained. After you have solved the questions, you will need to double-check the answers for yourself. Now the applicants should assess their performance and analyze the important issues.

  • If the student does not master a subject, he / she should concentrate on all subjects equally.
  • Scoring more than enough points should be your priority. Prepare topics by passing score criteria and do each job strong enough to pass the exam easily.
  1. Analyze last year’s cut-off

The applicant must know about the cut CDS exams from the previous year. It will have the following advantages:

  • Give a strong indication of the safest score
  • When candidates try the mock tests, they should know if they are doing less or more than they did last year.
  • If the applicant gets worse grades than expected, this will help you know what topics they need improvement on.
  1. mathematics

The mathematics area is intended for AFA, IMA and INA exams. Candidates for the OTA exam do not need to take this section. There will be a total of 100 multiple choice questions in math and it is really easy to do well in this subject. All you need is the right preparation and formulas at your fingertips. It is best to focus on conceptual problems and aptitude issues. The subjects of the CDS exam are: statistics, algebra, geometry, arithmetic, scaling and trigonometry.

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