Tips for the Grade 7 Math Olympics

IMO is the International Mathematical Olympiad. IMO exams are very well respected math exams. These Olympic exams help students and give them an opportunity to understand their area of ​​interest in mathematics and overcome their fear of the subject. When the school announced that the Mathematics Olympiad would take place, many students were excited and overjoyed. Many math enthusiasts look for such opportunities. Some students who fear math are given a lift by their families and teachers so that they can attend the Olympics and overcome their fear of the subject. Overcoming fear of the subject is very important in order to persevere and learn it well. When students overcome their fear of math, they are driven to learn math better, and learning is fueled by an intrinsic motivation. Mathematics is a subject that must be practiced and a student must learn by himself in order to be familiar with the subject.

There are several methods to pass the IMO exam for Grade 7 students.

  • Getting to know the curriculum:

Students should take time to study the curriculum thoroughly. Math exams cover many aspects of the curriculum. Students should always start with Vedic math. It helps them master math tricks to save time on the exam. Only after practicing Vedic mathematics and perfect calculations should the student proceed to the subjects indicated in the curriculum. The questions would mainly be from Arithmetic, Integers, Geometry, Algebra, Number System, Rational Numbers, Coordinate Geometry, Many Students, etc.

  • Please visit the official website of the implementing authority for the Olympics to be updated with the correct information:

There are often changes in certain aspects of the job that students need to be aware of. There’s nothing like checking out the IMO official website so students know the exact information.

  • Use the internet to speed up preparation

Internet use depends on the students. You can either choose the internet as a source for your preparation or waste your time on social media sites like Facebook Twitter Instagram. Students need to decide whether the online reading is interesting or the resources and YouTube videos.

  • Develop time management strategies:

Students understand that studying is important, but entertainment is also necessary. Time management is very important in order to prepare the content in the given time frame. The student should avoid delays and stick to the schedule that they have established. If we stick to a time frame and do tasks every day during this time, our minds adjust accordingly and we work very efficiently. When the students hesitate, it is very difficult to do all the prescribed work on time and this creates a large backlog. The arrears are very difficult to manage and to finish. Backlogs take care of the preparation and we get very stressed about it. Ultimately, because of the sack logs, we find it very difficult to keep our spirits up to get the job done. This leads to students dropping their exams.

  • Practice as much as you can:

We have often heard the saying that exercise makes a man perfect. It goes very hand in hand when it comes to a critical subject like math. You can only do well in the subject if you prepare and practice math every day. Mathematics doesn’t have a theory to read and deal with. It is a matter of putting your effort and time into seeking the fruits of excellence in mathematics.

  • Always seek help from the teachers:

Students should always seek help from teachers. Teachers are the guides who hold their fingers and lead them to the success they want in their Olympic exams. Students need to realize that the teachers they teach are the experts in their field. There is nothing better than asking the experts themselves. Students should take advantage of the free periods and zero periods at school to seek help from teachers to solve certain difficult questions. This helps in promoting the clarification aspect of preparation. It is very important to resolve your doubts. Students can always seek help on the internet, but sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand the solutions given on the internet as there is no step-by-step guide to help us understand the steps of the questions. Students sometimes need the typical stone-feeding and hand-holding help that only the teacher can provide.

  • Solve the papers from previous years:

It is key to any competitive exam as solving the exam papers from previous years helps us see trends in the exam pattern. Because the questions are asked according to the same curriculum, it is virtually impossible for the paper set boards to ask unique questions every time. Solving various questions from the books from previous years can sometimes help them by solving the questions for what they are. Sometimes the same questions are asked literally and even the quantities and values ​​are not changed in the task. Students can follow the various papers like IMO class 7 previous year paper 2011 and for other years.

Students fail to realize the importance of dealing with stress and staying stress-free. Maintaining proper balance and allowing time for meditation will help students overcome stress and do well with their preparations. There are many ups and downs in the preparations and so students need to keep their heads clear and focus fully on their preparations.


Students should continue to direct their efforts in the right direction while being guided by the teachers. You should stop stressing yourself about the results. Because only the process is important and helps in the long term.

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