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New Delhi (UPSC Exam, IAS Topper, UPSC Exam Preparation Tips)“There are many of these IAS officials in the country who have worked hard to achieve this position. He did not take advantage of coaching or guidance from an expert (IAS Coaching), but created a schedule himself with tips for self-study and prepared accordingly for the UPSC exam (UPSC exam preparation tips). This enabled them to better understand and correct their mistakes by working on them (IAS Topper).

The country’s most prestigious government job (Sarkari Naukri) can be achieved by passing the UPSC exam. Those who pass this exam are assigned to positions such as IAS Officer, IPS, IFS based on their rank and preference. If you are also preparing for the UPSC exam, then you will know some such tips (UPSC Exam Preparation Tips) that can help you become an IAS at home (UPSC Exam Tips).

Make the newspaper a safe friend
You can become an IAS by reading the newspaper daily (IAS Topper). IAS Himanshu Gupta’s father runs a shop. Himanshu went to the store with his father and read the newspaper every day. He did not take part in any coaching (IAS Coaching) and only passed the UPSC exam (UPSC Exam Preparation Tips) with the help of the newspaper and the Internet.

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NCERT books will help
Before preparing for the UPSC exam, review and understand the exam sample well. Then take NCERT books according to the curriculum and use them to improve your preparation. Continue to take notes. Do the final revision only from your own notes.

trust yourself
It is very important to have confidence in yourself to pass any exam. If you are determined to pass the exam, nothing can stop you from passing it. In addition to preparing for the exam, take care of your health.

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