TN 10. Curriculum 2021-22 (all subjects)


10. Curriculum 2021-22 –

The Government Examinations Directorate publishes the TN SSLC curriculum for all subjects including Math, English, Science, Social Sciences, etc. The Tamilnadu SSLC Syllabus 2021-22 is available in PDF format. Students can download the curriculum and refer to it as they prepare for the TN SSLC 2022 exams.

Recommended: After 10th grade, choose the correct stream (Art / Science / Commerce). Click here to download a free e-book.

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The Tamilnadu SSLC 2021-22 curriculum consists of chapters and topics for each subject along with the grade distribution. Students can review the exam pattern and grade distribution from Tamilnadu 10th Curriculum 2022. The Tamil Nadu Board questionnaires are strictly based on the Tamilnadu SSLC 2022 Curriculum, so it is important for students to strictly follow the curriculum. Read on to learn more about the curriculum.

TN 10. Curriculum 2021-22

You can find the curriculum for each subject here. Review them carefully and plan your studies accordingly.

TN SSLC Curriculum 2021-22 for Mathematics

The topics and subtopics required for the subject of mathematics are given below:

TN 10. Mathematics curriculum



Relationships and functions

Ordered pair, cartesian product, relationships, functions, representation and types of functions

Numbers and consequences

Euclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm, Modular Arithmetic, Sequences, AP, Seris, GP


Simultaneous linear equations in three variables, GCD and LCM of Polynomials, Rational Expressions, Square Root of Polynomials, Quadratic Equations and Graph, etc.


Similarity, Thales theorem and bisector theorem, Pythagoras theorem, circles and tangents, concurrency theorems

Coordinate geometry

Area of ​​a triangle, Area of ​​a square, Inclination of a straight line, Straight line, General shape of a straight line


Trigonometric identities, heights and distances


Surface, volume, volume and surface of combined bodies, conversion of bodies from one shape to another

without volume change

Statistics and Probability

Measures of dispersion, coefficient of variation, probability, algebra of events, addition theorem of probability

TN SSLC Curriculum 2021-22 – Social Sciences

History, geography, civics, and economics are integral parts of the social sciences. The chapters dealt with in these parts are listed in a table below:

Tamil Nadu 10. Social Science Curriculum

Part name

Covered chapters


  • Outbreak of the First World War and its consequences

  • The world between two world wars

  • Second World War

  • The world after the Second World War

  • Social and Religious Reform Movements in the 19th Century


  • India – location, relief and drainage

  • Climate and natural vegetation of India

  • Components of Agriculture

  • Resources and industries

  • India – population, transport, communication and trade


  • Indian constitution

  • Central government

  • State government


TN 10. Science curriculum 2021-22

The chapters / topics covered in this topic are listed below:

TN SSLC Science Curriculum

Laws of motion


Thermal physics



Nuclear physics

Atoms and molecules

Periodic classification of elements


Types of chemical reactions

Carbon and its compounds

Plant anatomy and plant physiology

Structural organization of animals

Transport in plants and circulation in animals

Nervous system

Plant and animal hormones

Reproduction in plants and animals


Origin and evolution of life

Breeding and Biotechnology

Health and diseases

Environmental management

visual communication

TN 10. Curriculum 2021-22 for English

There are 5 sections in the English Subject Exam and the topics to be studied for these sections are listed below:

TN SSLC curriculum English



Section a

Vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, lexicons

Section b

Grammar, filling in, transforming, punctuation

Section C.

Prose, text comprehension, paragraph

Section D.

Poetry, memory, understanding, paragraph

Section E.

Language. Functions, normal understanding, point of failure

TN Class 10th Syllabus 2021-22 download pdf

Students can download TN 10th Syllabus in Tamil and English by using the links provided in the table below:

Tamil Nadu Grade 10. Curriculum pdf

TN 10. Examination sample 2021-22

The DGE prescribed the sample of the exams for the 10th grade together with the TN curriculum for the 10th grade. It shows that each exam is held for 100 credits and that there is 2 hours and 30 minutes for the exam to be written. However, an extra 15 minutes will be allowed for the candidate to read the question paper and check the information.

To pass the SSLC exam, candidates must have a minimum of 35 points in each subject. However, passing grades is not required for optional language exams such as Telugu, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, French and Urdu. The subject-related examination pattern is explained below:

Tamil Nadu SSLC exam template




maximum number of points

To be pass mark

received for pass

part One

Tamil (mandatory)

Paper I.



Tamil (mandatory)

Paper II


Part II


Paper I.




Paper II


Part III







Social sciences



Part IV

Optional language

Telugu, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati Sanskrit, Tamil, French and Urdu


Not prescribed

Download Tamilnadu SSLC Text-Books 2021-22 (All subjects – English / Tamil)

For all subjects there are also TN 10. Textbooks for the 10th grade are available for download. Candidates can download these books in English and Tamil from the links below.

Tamilnadu SSLC textbooks pdf

TN 10th grade 2021-22 preparation tips

  • It is important to review the full Tamilnadu SSLC 2022 curriculum and follow it religiously.

  • Create a study plan in which you give each subject the same amount of time.

  • Practice the difficult topics more and repeat them regularly.

  • Solve Tamil Nadu SSLC questionnaires and review your level of preparation. This will make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Cover your entire curriculum at least a month in advance to do well on the TN SSLC score in 2022.

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