tnpsc exam 2022: Group 4, VAO curriculum change; Result of the DNPSC campaign! – Joint English work for group 4 and Vao exams removed from tnpsc


  • Change of curriculum for Group 4, VAO exam conducted by DNBSC
  • Recommended Documents for Removing Common English, Tamil, and Common Knowledge
  • A total of 200 questions are asked and 300 points are awarded

The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) conducts selection procedures in Tamil Nadu to fill vacancies in the public service. In this situation, steps were taken with the formation of the DMK government under the leadership of Prime Minister MK Stalin to give Tamils ​​and Tamils ​​prominence in competitive elections. That is, the Tamil Nadu government has declared that the Tamil language is compulsory in the Tamil Nadu Civil Service Selection Committee exams.

It was also announced that only those who earn 40 points on the Tamil language test are eligible. Steps are being taken to gradually implement this. A revised syllabus for Group 4 and VAO exams has been published. You can find detailed information on the official website
Series of Meetings: What Announcements Are Made?
General English has been removed and only two sections have been included as Tamil and General Knowledge. Part one contains the Tamil language paper. In the 10th grade, questions are asked. A total of 100 questions are asked and 150 points are awarded. In this course, three sections are given as Grammar, Literature, Tamil Scholars and Tamil Charities.

Part 2 deals with general knowledge. 100 questions are asked and 150 points are awarded. A total of 200 questions are asked and 300 points are awarded. The courses cover general science, current events, geography, Indian history and culture, Indian politics, Indian economy, Indian national movement, history of Tamil Nadu,

Culture, heritage and socio-political movements, including development administration in Tamil Nadu. Please refer to the DNPSC website above for more details. It is noteworthy that DNBSC had previously published the general curriculum and sample question paper for the Tamil Qualification Exam.

Students happy..happy; Action result of the Ministry of Education!
It covered topics related to current affairs, environmental issues, Indian economy, rationalist movements, self-worth movement, computer family, court family, role of social justice and social solidarity in the socio-economic development of Tamil Nadu, grammar, literature, Tamil scholars, Tamil charity.


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