Toppers tips for cracking Odisha judicial exams [Prelims & Mains]

Are You A Candidate For The Odisha Judicial Services Examination? If so, read through the post which will give you a full insight into Topper’s tricks to pass the Odisha judicial exam, when is the right time to start preparing, important topics from an exam point of view and more.

So what are you looking for? Check out the post to learn the quick tricks to help you improve your preparation for the upcoming exam.

When should I start preparing for the Odisha Judicial Exam?

Most of you may be thinking about when is the right time to start preparing Odisha Judicial Services Exam? According to the toppers, you need at least a year of preparation time to crack the exam.

However, each of you can have a different way of learning, and it also depends on how quickly you grasp things. So it would be best if you plan your preparation based on your understanding and abilities.

Also, be sure to read newspapers and magazines regularly to keep up with all happenings around the world and get high grades on the OJS exam.

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How do I start preparing for the Odisha Judicial Exam?

Odiosha Judiciary’s main exam preparation strategy is to focus on your goals and have a planned framework. It is recommended that you focus on your own preparation and have confidence in yourself.

  • Before you start preparing, you should thoroughly study the Curriculum for Justice and exam samples of the OJS exam.
  • After knowing the curriculum, create the best study plan that includes all of the subjects as per the curriculum.
  • The OJS exam is where most of the questions from the Bare Acts are asked. It is therefore important to plan at least 1-2 hours a day for preparing bare files.
  • If you are already well versed in a subject, then take less time on that subject. Instead, focus on the subject that you are weak on.
  • Make sure to take your own notes as you prepare the important concepts and topics. This will help you during your revision time.
  • Try to solve as many questions as you can from the previous year’s work as this will improve your time management.

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Toppers Tips for Cracking the Odisha Judiciary Prelims Exam

Toppers said you should know which areas are worth your time as you prepare for the Legal Services exam. This strategy will not only help you cover the curriculum, but will also help you perform better on exams.

To prepare for the preliminary exam, you can also choose the opposite way, ie you should prepare for the main exam first. In this way, you also cover the syllabus of the pre-examination.

Write down questions from the previous year Questionnaires for the legal examination, and make sure you practice these questions as part of your preparation.

Focus more on topics such as the Constitution of India, Property Transfer Act, Special Facilitation Act, Code of Civil Procedure, and the Indian Criminal Code as most of the questions on these topics will be asked on the exam.

Most of you might have difficulty preparing for the bare deeds because there are so many case laws to observe. So it would be helpful if you go through the sections and take notes. Then revise it daily.

Toppers Tips for Cracking the Odisha Judiciary Mains Exam

Passing a tough test like the Odisha Judicial Main Exams cannot happen overnight. You should work hard, be patient, and stay focused until the exam.

  • It would be helpful if you started preparing for the main exam by writing timed answers.
  • Try to write at least 2 to 3 questions a day from the previous year’s work.
  • Make it a habit to write long answers rather than long ones.
  • You can go through the experts’ tips to know How to write answers for the main judicial exam?.
  • Try to prepare mock-up essays on likely topics and practice writing 2-3 essays per week.
  • It would also be helpful if you practiced an extensive series of tests. It will help increase your speed and accuracy.
  • Make a habit of reading newspapers every day as this will help you master the English language better.

Toppers tips to crack the judicial interview in Odisha?

From the topper’s point of view, the round of introductions is not intended to test your knowledge of the law. It is used to check your personality, manners and behavior.

Participating in bogus interviews will remove all your doubts and fear of an actual interview. You can also follow Tips for preparing for interviews in the judiciary Provided by experts to better understand how to provide a short but accurate answer to the questions posed by the interview board.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses and try to work on them.
  • Prepare a list of frequently asked questions and revise it regularly
  • You can watch as many bogus interviews as possible as this will improve your confidence.
  • You should always be ready with your own greetings and a brief introduction to yourself, which examiners usually ask as the first question.


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