Unlistedkart Finfluencer Program – An educational initiative to empower investors and financial influencers

07.01.2022 10:48 IS

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]Jan 7 (ANI / PRNewswire): The private equity sector in India has seen breathtaking growth in recent years. In 2020 alone, private equity investments soared 38 percent to a record high of $ 62.2 billion since reported by Reuters. And all of this amid the blatant uncertainties projected by the pandemic. The pre-IPO market has matured significantly.
Unlisted Kart is among the frontrunners of this growth in investing in unlisted stocks. With sales exceeding $ 15 million in 2021, the company holds a formidable position as the market leader. And the recent launch of the Unlistedkart finfluencer program is proof of that.
The program aims to create an exclusive community for financial influencers that aims to spread awareness of the unlisted market and the risks and opportunities associated with the investor community. And all of this while empowering influencers to educate their audiences.
The program invites other financial influencers to join the Unlistedkart community to help raise awareness of investment opportunities, especially in areas traditionally considered unconventional.

“We have seen firsthand how disruptive alternative investments can be. And we want to empower more people with unique skills to join our journey. Our finfluencer program therefore aims to create fertile ground for like-minded people to flourish. It is an invitation to entrepreneurs, bloggers, journalists, artists, social media influencers and everyone who dominates their respective audiences in the financial sector “, said Krishna Raghavan, CEO of Unlistedkart.
The aim of the finfluencer program is to educate everyday investors about the opportunities for wealth creation in the private equity sector. With a thriving finfluencer community focused on knowledge sharing, it’s easy to see what the influencers can get out of it – exclusive coverage as a valued nonlisted kart partner.
Such a program, empowering finfluencers and ordinary investors alike, is a step in the right direction. “As the hype surrounding these builds, it is our responsibility to educate investors about the acceptable risks of investing in high yielding instruments – such as credit risk, market risk and liquidity risk. At the scrip level, an investor needs to be able to understand the fundamentals, ”try to measure the standard deviation, and much more. We intend to help investors make the right decisions, “added Krishna Raghavan.
Unlistedkart is initially planning to include around 20 exclusive finfluencers in this program and to ensure comprehensive reporting. The Unlistedkart finfluencer community is intended to be a point of contact for private investors who want to diversify their portfolios with acceptable risk risk and better returns, a privilege traditionally only available to HNIs and investment institutions.
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