UP Digishakti portal started on digishaktiup.in – What is it? How do I make a student inquiry? Benefits and how can you claim them?

The government of Uttar Pradesh has launched the UP Digishakti portal under the leadership of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Through this portal, students studying at various colleges and universities in the country benefit from the programs. The government has worked to implement the UP programs for free laptops, smartphones and tablets. Therefore, the portal was created to meet the requirements of the same.

What is the UP Digishakti Portal?

To implement the various student welfare programs, the UP government will use the Digishakti portal for the free distribution of laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Students who are currently studying at the state’s colleges and universities can access these offers via this portal. According to reports, the UP government will now distribute 27 lakh electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops in the first phase of distribution. As a result, the data of these 27 lakh recipients have already been uploaded to the UP Digishakti portal.

Student request

It is known from various sources that students cannot log into the portal or register. Digishakti is only intended for the authorities of the universities and colleges concerned. It is the universities and colleges that need to register and fill in the required information. The officials have to stop by for this diishaktiup.in and enter the user type, user ID, password and captcha. Nevertheless, the app allows the students access via the student corner. To do this, you first have to download the official app on your mobile phone.

There they have to enter their university, their board of directors or their advice. Then you have to enter your matriculation number followed by the captcha. The student must then click the ‘Search’ button. This shows the student’s current status and whether or not their university has enrolled them in the Digishakti app.

How do I use UP Digishakti services?

Reports also suggest that students do not need to enter any data into the app and therefore do not have access to it. In addition, it has been alleged that the data of 27 lakh students receiving benefits from the various state programs has already been uploaded. Now all that remains is to distribute the gadgets to the recipients.

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