UPSC CSE Key – Jan 5, 2022: What To Read Today


Uttarakhand woman arrested engineering student in hate app case


Main exam:

• General Studies I: Role of Women and Women’s Organizations
• General Studies IV: Ethics and Human Interface, Recruitment and Case Studies

Important points to think about:

• What is open source software?

• What is GitHub?

• Article 15 of the Indian Constitution

• Women’s rights issues and social media

• Women’s Safety on Social Media – Cybercrime laws

• Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals

• Social media and advancement of women

Other important articles on the same topic:

📍 Can social media effectively incorporate women’s voices into decision-making processes?

📍 Explained: What is GitHub, at the center of the online sexual harassment investigation?

📍 Unsocial media: inclusion, representation and safety for women on social networking platforms


Will crackdown on asset seizure, says AAI


Preliminary examination: Current events of national and international importance

Important points to think about:

• International Air Transport Association mandate and headquarters

• Convention on International Civil Aviation, including the Chicago and India Convention

• Controversy over the Antrix-Devas deal

Other important articles on the same topic:

📍 Explained: Why did NCLAT call the Devas-Antrix agreement a fraud?


A true karma yogi


Preliminary examination: History of India

Main exam: General Studies I: Modern Indian history from around the middle of the 18th century to the present – significant events, personalities, problems.

Important points to think about:

• Saint curiac Elias Chavara role as socio-religious reformer

• Pallikkoodam Movement

The idea side

The way to net zero


Preliminary examination: General topics on environmental ecology, biodiversity and climate change

Main exam: General Studies III: Conservation, Pollution and Destruction, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Important points to think about:

• What does “net zero” mean?

• India’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2070 at the Conference of the Parties (COP) climate summit 26 in
Glasgow or India’s increased climate commitments – the “Panchamrit”

• Difference between “net zero” and “carbon neutral”?

• India’s new renewable energy destination

• How can net zero be achieved?

• Framework for public-private partnerships to achieve “net zero”

• India’s emission status-current scenario

Other important articles on the same topic:

📍 Praveer Sinha: “Net zero carbon emissions by 2070 is definitely feasible”

📍 1 Billion Tons of Emissions Savings: Why It’s a Big Leap Forward


Economically weaker sections as defined by the governing body


Preliminary examination: Indian politics and government

Main exam: General Studies II: Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising from their design and implementation

Important points to think about:

• Three-person committee of experts to review the admission criteria of 10% reservations for economically weaker ones
Sections (EWS)

• Recommendation of the expert committee

• The reservation of the economically weaker sections – 103rd Constitutional Law (amendment), 2019

• The 1992 Indira Sawhney case

• Supreme Court on EWS reservation criteria

• EWS reservation problems and challenges

Other important articles on the same topic:

📍 Explained: Revision of the definition of EWS


As a booster for infrared projects, IRDAI paves the way for guarantees


Preliminary examination: Economic and social development

Main exam: General Studies III: Indian Economics

Important points to think about:

• Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India or the IRDAI role

• What are “guarantees”?

Other important articles on the same topic:

📍 Irdai Committee to Examine Guarantees for Road Contracts

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