Upsc exam how to become an ias officer by studying arts subjects

New Delhi (UPSC exam, IAS officer)There is no shortcut to cracking a great exam. Factors like dedication, hard work, dedication to career make it easy to pass a difficult exam like UPSC (UPSC Exam Preparation Tips). To become an IAS officer, one should prepare during college days. Most IAS toppers only achieved success in arts subjects after graduation.

It is very difficult to decide on a main branch while studying at school and college (Arts Stream). If you want to become an IAS officer, it is better for you to study arts subjects. Compared to the science or commercial field, candidates studying in the arts are more successful on the UPSC (Tips for Success) exam.

These topics are important in the UPSC exam
The arts subjects are most important in examining the various levels of public service. Therefore, Arts Stream students benefit from many advantages while preparing for the UPSC Exam (UPSC Exam Prep Tips). These subjects include subjects such as history, public administration, political science, geography, psychology, sociology, economics. These subjects are of great importance in both the preliminary and the main public service examination.

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Get the facts from this data
According to the UPSC’s 68th Annual Report, 84.7% of candidates’ electives in the 2016 CSE were arts (including language and literature). This was followed by 6.8%, 5.4% and 3.1% of the candidates from the fields of natural sciences, medical sciences and engineering. Geography was the most preferred subject among the electives chosen by the candidates. Subjects such as sociology and public administration followed.

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