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UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus 2022, Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has published the CGSE Geologist Post Syllabus. Interested candidates can download the exam schedule in PDF format from In the meantime, you know the UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus Exam Sample Selection Procedure below. To begin preparation, candidates must be familiar with the UPSC CGSE Geologist exam pattern and syllabus and the 2022 exam date.

It is easy to check the UPSC CGSE Geologist syllabus on the Sarkari results portal. Instead of finding the syllabus PDF file on the Union Public Service Commission portal, you can take the wise grade for the CGSE geologist exam from the official source of the UPSC.

UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus 2022 – Sample Exam, @

exam name CGSE Combined Geoscientific Examination
organization Union Civil Service Commission
job offer Different
Examination date (preliminary) Expected this month
education type 10th 12th Government jobs/degree pass
selection process: Online exam (PRELIMS), Descriptive exam (MAINS), Face-to-face interview
reporting year 2022
Official site
category #Curriculum
organization page UPSC Recruitment 2022

UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus Exam Sample 2022

Candidates applying for the UPSC CGSE Geologist must be familiar with the exam pattern and grading scheme, as well as the syllabus. For most exam notifications such as CGSE Geologist Syllabus, Union Public Service Commission

Release curriculum with ad notification. But most readers prefer web-based UPSC CGSE geology curriculum syllabi and PDF files for detailed topics. For this reason, sarkari result is making the next UPSC syllabus available on a topic basis and in PDF format. Please follow the steps below to download the syllabus and view the UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus topics.

step 1

TIME FOR PAPER-1 2 hours.
TIME FOR PAPER-2 2 hours.

UPSC Mains exam template

TIME 3 hours each

This is how the download works UPSC CGSE Curriculum for Geologists 2022?

  1. Visit the UPSC CGSE Geologist official website below, navigate to the Syllabus section and download the UPSC CGSE Geologist Syllabus.
  2. Finally, view the UPSC CGSE Geologist syllabus and review the details.
  3. You can also view/download the UPSC CGSE Geologist syllabus on our website.

Disclaimer: This only for Just as a note for the UPSC CGSE Geologist Official Syllabus, download PDF from the official website.

UPSC CGSE Curriculum Topics for Geologists

Just like any state competitive exam, the UPSC CGSE geologist syllabus also includes General Basic knowledge, numeracy, general awareness and English. The UPSC jobs Examination duration, negative grades, questions weighted wisely available in pdf format. Also check the exam pattern for the next UPSC syllabus above.

Syllabus of the combined geoscientific (preliminary) examination

Paper-I: General Studies

  • News of national and international importance.
  • History of India and Indian National Movement.
  • Indian and World Geography – Physical, Economic Geography of India, Social and World.
  • Indian Politics and Governance – Political System, Constitution, Panchayati Raj, Legal Issues, Public Policy etc.

Paper-II: Geology/Hydrogeology

  • physical geology
  • structural geology
  • mineralogy
  • Magmatic Petrology
  • Metamorphic Petrology
  • sedimentology
  • paleontology
  • stratigraphy
  • economic geology
  • hydrogeology

Chemistry curriculum

  • Chemical Periodicity
  • Chemical bond and structure
  • acids and bases
  • Theoretical foundations of quantitative inorganic analytics
  • Kinetic theory and the gaseous state
  • Chemical thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium
  • Solutions of non-electrolytes
  • electrochemistry

Syllabus of the combined geoscientific (main) examination

Geology: Paper-I

  • Physical geology and remote sensing
  • structural geology
  • sedimentology
  • paleontology
  • stratigraphy

Geology: Paper-II

  • mineralogy
  • Geochemistry and Isotope Geology
  • Magmatic Petrology
  • Metamorphic Petrology
  • geodynamics

Geology: Paper-III

  • economic geology
  • Indian Mineral Occurrences and Mineral Economics
  • exploration of minerals
  • Fuel Geology and Engineering Geology
  • environmental geology and natural hazards

Geophysics: Paper-I

  • Solid Earth Geophysics
  • earthquake seismology
  • Mathematical methods in geophysics
  • geophysical inversion


  • Mathematical methods of physics
  • electrodynamics
  • Electromagnetic Theory
  • Introduction to the physics of the atmosphere and space

Geophysics: Paper-II – PART-A

  • Potential field (gravity and magnet) methods
  • Electrical and electromagnetic processes
  • Seismic exploration
  • borehole geophysics


  • Classic mechanics
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
  • Atomic and molecular physics and characterization of materials
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics

Geophysics: Paper-III – PART-A

  • Radiometric and Airborne Geophysics
  • marine geophysics
  • Geophysical signal processing
  • remote sensing and geohydrology


  • Solid state physics and basic electronics
  • laser systems
  • Digital electronics, radar systems, satellite communications
  • quantum mechanics

Chemistry : Paper-I (Inorganic Chemistry)

  • Inorganic Solids
  • Chemistry of Coordination Compounds
  • Isomerism, reactivity and stability
  • structure and binding
  • acid-base titrations
  • Gravimetric Analysis
  • redox titrations
  • Complex metric titrations

Chemistry : Paper-II (Physical Chemistry)

  • Kinetic theory and the gaseous state
  • solids
  • Chemical thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium
  • Chemical kinetics and catalysis
  • electrochemistry
  • quantum chemistry
  • Principles and applications of spectroscopy
  • Rotational spectroscopy of diatomic molecules

Chemistry : Paper-III (Analytical and Organic)


  • Errors in quantitative analysis
  • separation process
  • Chromatographic Analysis
  • solvent extraction
  • Spectroscopic analysis methods
  • UV-Vis spectroscopy

PART B (Organic Chemistry)

  • Unstable, uncharged intermediates
  • Supplement to CC multiple bonds
  • Addition to carbon-heteroatom multiple bonds
  • Reactions at the carbonyl group
  • oxidation and reduction
  • Electrocyclic Reactions

UPSC CGSE Curriculum FAQs for Geologists

How do I know the UPSC CGSE Geologist exam syllabus and exam pattern?

You can view or download the UPSC CGSE Geologist Notification below in our curriculum section and see the selection criteria. Watch the download for the latest job 2022 CGSE Geologist. Mostly any state competitive exam, including Union Civil Service Commission Recruitment of CGSE geologists includes general aptitude and general awareness test. Detailed curriculum topics are available in the 2022 PDF notification or follow our UPSC CGSE Curriculum Site for Geologists for indicative syllabus and exam sample.

What is the selection process for the UPSC CGSE Geologist exam?

It is officially mentioned in the UPSC recruitment 2022 notification that Selection process by CGSE Geologist Exam pre-selection based on the written exam. Some posts in the same Union Civil Service Commission Recruitment advertisements or notices require physical, oral and medical tests. Candidates are advised to go through the UPSC CGSE Geologist pdf notification 2022 carefully after receiving preliminary information here.

training Job offers More details
10th passage 1000+ #Here
12. pass 3000+ #Here
Any degree 10000+ #Here
ITI Diploma 500+ #Here
mechanical engineering 5000+ #Here
LLB / Lawyer Dipl.-Kfm 100+ #Here
Bsc Nursing / ANM / GNM 500+ #Here

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