UPSC prep tips How important the daily messages are in preparing for ias

UPSC Preparation Tips: IAS It is the dharma of any student who aspires to become one that they should hear the news on a daily basis. Daily news always keep us vigilant and vigilant. When I talk about the radio news and even TV. The method of presenting news also automatically creates in us the ability to use common sense.

The most important news comes first on the radio. The same headlines will be revealed later. In addition, many other news are told. In the end, these headlines are repeated one more time. That way, two things become automatic.

We find out which of the events of the day were the most important and
We accidentally meet three times from important events. Do you think it is less important?

When I talk about the daily news, my particular focus is on radio news at night and news of Doordarshan at night. There is also a reason for that. You become a civil servant, that is, you become part of the government. The truth is that the government is being formed. In such a situation, it is important that you are familiar with government policies, their approach, etc.

If you compare the news from other news outlets to the news from Doordarshan, you will clearly see a huge difference between the two. The focus of the private broadcasters is on news of public interest. They care little about the government’s plans for rural development, health care, education, and other important sectors. He’s also not particularly concerned with development news. You completely forget about international relations until that relationship takes the form of a major argument.

You won’t find these useless things on Doordarshan News. It has its own discipline and literally this is the news. It is for this reason that you should not ignore Doordarshan if you think that you are still watching news from other channels.

Can’t imagine radio news taking only fifteen minutes, but how many minutes you can save in exchange for those fifteen minutes. Try it out and give it a try. You hear the news at night and read the newspaper in the morning. Now you won’t find this message unfamiliar. Since you’ve heard a lot of this news before, you can get the newspaper reading job done much faster.

In any case, they say about studies that it is better to listen than what we read. It’s better to say than what we see and it’s a shame to do it. You can’t do anything special about general studies, but you can listen. (The author Dr. Vijay Aggarwal is a former civil servant and founder of AFEIAS.)

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