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This article is all about the UPSC prep strategy. An IAS is defined as the Indian administrative service dream of millions of aspirants in the country. Where they are given many positions such as Indian Police Service (IPS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and many more. All positions are recruited through a single exam conducted by the UPSC Official Exam. UPSC full form is the Union Public Service Commission, which is the central authority that handles the entire recruitment process for the exam.

Some tips for preparing for IAS are as follows:

1. Prepare and clear your mind – your mind will clear and focus only on the exam

2. Make a schedule -The schedule should be followed regularly and improvised at regular intervals

3. Know the Complete Curriculum Properly – Knowing the curriculum will help you select relevant study materials and prioritize subjects.

4. Improve Your Current Affairs-Current Affairs has achieved maximum importance in public service preparation

5. Correctly choose elective subject – There is a choice of subjects according to the subject you are taking in your degree

6. Read all concerts from 6 to 10. It is helpful for the aspirant’s basic knowledge as some questions come right on the exam

7. Take notes in a right man- Use the guide to make good notes to help you revise your topic

8. Improve Your Writing Practice in English or Hindi Answers and repetition play an important role in the overall UPSC prep program, especially for the UPSC main exam, as writing should be a must for the main exam.

9. Solve all question papers from the previous year of the IAS exam – Often the exact questions come from the last few years, so we have to study all the questions from the previous year

10. Take a good test-test series – From all of the good coaching classes in the IAS join series, which relates your grades and helps you improve

11. Good revision is a must – revision of all subjects that you have studied

12. Practice interview – In order to strengthen your personality, you should practice interviews on a regular basis

13. Read exam-related magazines – Don’t compromise on newspaper reading regardless of time constraints.

14. Stay Positive and Calm – If you don’t get selected on the first try, then be positive and study harder

15. Take good lectures for the course – Take the lecture regularly with no gaps


All of the above tips should be given, if these tips are to be followed with a positive attitude and on a regular basis then the exam should become very easy. These tips are also used for beginners looking to get into Indian administrative services.

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