XAT 2022: Last Minute Tips & Strategy From MBA Experts – Does Guessing The Answer Work?

One of the most important MBA entrance exams, the Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2022, will be held on January 02, 2022. The exam is conducted by the Xavier School of Management in computerized format. It is a nationwide MNA entrance exam held in major cities in India, including Mumbai, Pune, Raipur, Chandigarh, and Delhi. From now on, the students only have two days to prepare. So it’s high time to buckle up and prepare for the highly anticipated XAT 2022 exam.

Before a candidate can implement some key XAT 2022 prep tips, they need to tweak their approach to the exam. Unlike other MBA exams like SNAP, XAT focuses more on testing a candidate’s knowledge base, critical thinking, and conceptual clarity. So it’s definitely not a speed test.

Also answering the question “Will guessing answers work?”: It is a simple ‘no‘. Candidates need to understand the concept behind each question in order to get the correct answer. So, guesswork is a big risk when solving the XAT 2022 exam.

Let’s get to the last-minute preparation tips for XAT 2022. Below are some recommended practice tips that a candidate can use, especially in the last two days of preparation –

# Review of the basics

In the case of the Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) section, candidates need to focus on revising and reviewing the grammar rules. You can also spend 2-3 hours solving online tests and grammar-based assessments. The reason for this is that the VARC section of XAT 2022 is more grammar-oriented and pays less attention to passage-based questions. If there is time left, candidates can also solve grammar exercises from Wren & Martin and other reference books. You can also watch 2-3 YouTube videos before the exam to speed up the revision of the grammar rules.

# Identify the simpler questions

With the revision of the Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation (QA & DI) section, those who took the CAT 2021 exam in November of this year have a clear advantage. While the curriculum and level of difficulty remain the same, the questions in XAT 2022 are longer. To solve this problem, solve 1-2 test tests for this section. As you do this, try to identify questions and categorize them into three sections – easy, medium, and difficult. Later, solve all the questions in this order of difficulty.

# Revision of the syllabus for arithmetic and geometry

The QA & DI section of XAT is always the most difficult section to crack for most candidates. So when struggling with this issue, candidates must use the last few hours to revise the geometry and arithmetic curriculum. In arithmetic, the formulas are important. While in the Geometry section, the concepts and theorems are important. Read them through briefly before the exam.

# Prioritize the decision making section

This section is neglected by most candidates when preparing for the XAT 2022 exam. However, this subject becomes the deciding factor as most students fail to reach the cut-off grades in decision-making. Therefore, in the last two days of prep time, take a look at last year’s questionnaires and solve this section for last minute practice. This will make a huge difference in a candidate’s overall XAT 2022 performance.

All the best!

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