XAT 2022: The essay question was ‘Capitalism and democracy cannot coexist’ – examples, and how are you rated?

The essay question asked in the XAT 2022 exam today, Jan 2, 2022, was: Capitalism and democracy cannot coexist.

XLRI reintroduced the essay in the XAT exam this year. With an essay question, the institute tries to understand the candidate’s ability to think, analyze and express his or her thoughts comprehensively – a skill that often plays a decisive role in the life of a business administration graduate.

The essay question was asked in the context of the GA section (general perception). There were 25 questions in GA plus this one essay question. A total time of 25 minutes is planned for this section.

Note that the essay question will only be scored for those candidates who are shortlisted for GD, PI.

Also, the grades in the essay question are counted for final achievement.

Sample texts and research points on the subject of “Capitalism and democracy cannot coexist”

The topic in itself is interesting and open to interpretation. The following articles, videos and research items on the subject are available on the Internet. Candidates who appeared on today’s XAT exam can look at it and analyze how their writing compares it.

Capitalism and Democracy: Can They Coexist? – The Graduate Center, CUNY look here
Is capitalism compatible with democracy? by Wolfgang Merkel Read PDF
Panel discussion: Can capitalism and democracy coexist? from Stone Center on Socioeconomic Inequality Read here
Do democracy and capitalism really need each other? Scholars from all over the world join them. by Laura Amico Read more HBR
Can capitalism and democracy coexist? on Quora Read more Quora
Do capitalism and democracy go together? by Dylan Riley Read more New statesman

Tips for a good essay in the XAT exam

In the XAT exam, the essay is assessed according to the MBA gurus based on the following parameters – structure, knowledge, ideas, approach and grammar.

Some candidates have good command of the English language but are not very good at brainstorming. Others may have good ideas and approaches but poor written English. Here, the high scores of the essay part are those who understand both well, or at least have a balance of everything. Knowing the topic, presenting your own ideas and putting them into words – all of this is important in this section.

XAT 2022 was held across India for around 70-75,000 candidates. The answer sheet is expected to be published in 2 days and the official answer key in 4-5 days. After that, the result of this test is expected to be available in 14-15 days.

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